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research & engineering

What's the story?

compact coils Coils made from rectangular cross-section profile wires inherently minimize the risk of turn-to-turn and phase-to-phase shortages or discharges. An in-house precision wire-bending technology enables compact coil designs with good copper fill factor and small dimensional tolerances.

That's all?

minimal losses Facilitating efficient heat transfer the coils can run cooler, ensuring a long life span at continuous rated performance. In some designs a flat-braided wire can minimize AC losses even further. For example when the capability of heat dissipation is limited, like in high altitude environments, or where efficiency and performance are absolute top priorities.

Now, what?

magnetic materials A wide spectrum of common, as well as advanced magnetic materials are used in our designs. For example SMC [soft magnetic composite] materials offer sintering of complex-shaped magnetic pathways like the ones applied in transverse flux and claw-pole motors, utilising a so called 3D-flux technique. While laminated steel designs are still dominating the field, their combination with SMC sometimes results in the most compact and lightweight motors.


permanent magnet Where there's power, there's heat. State of the art materials and advanced techniques for thermal management can be utilised to dissipate heat efficiently. Axial or radial topology; in-runner, out-runner or SDG [symmetrical dual gap] designs. A permanent magnet synchronous motor [PMSM] employing advanced rare earth magnets usually offers the best balance of performance, efficiency and material cost in high performance lightweight applications.

But what about safety?

fail safe Great question, safety is always third. Recently, one of the preferred ways to react to a possible system failure is to quickly short-circuit the motor; it's called an active short circuit or ASC. Carefully designed PMSMs can sustain transient events associated with the ASC and endure this condition continuously, facilitating a controlled stop or safe-mode operation. Combined with a splited winding configuration and suitable motor controller, full electrical redundancy can be provided in one package. In case of a fault, the motor can continue operating with a fraction of a nominal power.

OK, now can you help me solve my motor problem?

electro-magnetics Of course we can, we would be glad helping you. It takes some skill, knowledge and experience to bring it all well together. We can adapt or completely redesign, precisely to your projects requirements. Electro-magnetics are carefully optimised by computer aided simulations and in-house developed tools; but we still do some things by hand. Up to IP67, 100h of exposed underwater emergency operation...

I'm eager to buy!

manufacturing We're sorry, but currently we do not stock any of-the-shelf motors. However there's always something you need to adapt, right? Or should it fit just perfectly? We can offer relatively quick customisation to your needs and manufacturing of prototype and small series quantities. We're also able to manage a small series production of electromagnetic circuits [stator-rotor assemblies]; with the same quality and performance assurance. Please see our examples and have a look at our contact page.